Yes, folks; I’m alive. Don’t you think it’s incredible? I am a-*explodes* Anyways, good old Thomas Evans of this parish has contacted us to tell us that the Product Enterprise page for the Starbug Playset has been updated. Hurrah! As well as the swanky new background image, there’s some new pics of the interior. Well, I think they’re new – I certainly don’t recognise them, and I don’t recall there being a launch scouter pic before. LAUNCH SCOUTER. Also, the box is looking a little more detailed than it was here.

But that’s the thin end of the wedge, sir. The most exciting update is the crew figures, which we’ve not seen so close-up before. They’re all in Series V costume, despite the pop-up Holly being Norman circa Series II. Nevertheless, the figures are looking gorgeous. Lister’s face looks a bit off, but Kryten’s is spot on. I certainly can’t wait for October – it’s been a long time since I ran around a room with a toy spaceship making whooshey noises. No, wait a minute – Friday.

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