Cover of The Inquisitor fanzine.Remember our mention of the website for the old Dwarf fanzine The Inquistor? Well, the site has now been relaunched (finally leaving the absysmal MSN groups). Run by Daryl Ball, there’s some very nice stuff archived on there, including:

  • Some DJ reports (although it’s slightly depressing to read that “the number of attendees is getting too big” and that “perhaps a limit of 500 people would be an idea for future conventions” in 97; although hopefully the Dwarf movie will kickstart fandom again…)
  • A lovely report behind-the-scenes of Red Dwarf Night
  • A couple of good photo pages…
  • and interview pages. The Rob Grant interview being the highlight of the site: “including Kochanski as a character destroyed the chemistry that Red Dwarf is really all about…”

And loads of other stuff, including a news section that might be worth keeping an eye on. More is promised soon. Excellent.

As for me, I’m ill. I demand sympathy. Blaughwhahhaahhhhhh.

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