A photograph of Chris Barrie. Tanya, control your vagina, please. Many thanks to McGruder, who has sent us the following interview with Chris Barrie in the latest Official Buffy Magazine. Unfortunately, it’s the usual doom and gloom story: “I don’t think anything’s changed between this year and last year.” Which is very odd – no mention of Doug Naylor’s DJ statement at all. Shall I be charitable and blame it on magazine lead times? Oh, and Tomb Raider isn’t coming back. What a shame.

Still, it gives him more time for Chris Barrie’s Heavy Duty; shooting in summer, for transmission on Discovery in January 2005. The FAQ on his site describes it as “Similar style to Massive Engines but concentrating on heavy duty transport and industrial equipment eg: submarines, tanks, bombers, cranes, helicopters.” ExxxWHYDOIBOTHER.

Don’t forget the release of Series 4 of Brittas on Monday. We hope to have a review for you over the weekend, if Ian isn’t busy going out and looking pretty.

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