Articles are rather thin on the ground here of late, aren’t they? It’s cos we’re lazy cunts. Ian should have his Brittas Four review this weekend, but in the meantime here are a couple of things to entertain you.

Firstly, Garbage World has updated, with an article about Out Of Time, or Alternate Personalities. Excellent. Amazing how well an episode turns out that was written in fiiiii-ve minutes, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, ta to Phil for pointing us towards this: Why It Would Kick Arse to be Arnold J. Rimmer. Personally, I’ve got my own theory as to why I’d rather be Rimmer than Lister; Rimmer is the nerd who’s actually interested in stuff, and Lister is the supposedly cool one who is really a laddish idiot. I’ve got a nasty feeling I’d genuinely be interested in a big slideshow of twentieth century telegraph poles…

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