A screengrab from Filthy, Rich and Catflap. Adrian Edmonson - he's a funny man, isn't he? Burn him. And burn his face first.Just a quick bit of news, as I’ll have my review up later tonight. Although if you want the short version: buy it. Buy it now.

Anyway, Filthy, Rich and Catflap has just shown up on the BBFC; or, at least, the first three episodes have. This is particuarly interesting because the episodes have already been classified once, in 1993. And the timings are different, too; they are obviously different edits, presumably for PRS reasons. A comparison, then:

Episode 2004 Running Time 1993 Running Time Difference
1 34m 52s 34m 26s + 26s
2 34m 56s 34m 54s + 2s
3 34m 16s 34m 14s – 2s

Interestingness, there. Nice to see that in the main, we’re getting more this time round; in the first three episodes, anyway. A comparison is obviously needed between the original broadcasts, the 1993 video release, and the 2004 DVD one, to see what is cut; I’ll do it at some point if no-one else does. I’ll do a bit of a comparison between the broadcast version and the DVD tonight in my review; sadly, I’ve not got a copy of the video. And I’m the only person in the world to overuse semicolons. Argh.

Another interesting fact: Episodes 2 and 3 were reclassified 11 years later exactly to the day (21st July). Really? What a lovely story!

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