Filthy, Rich and Catflap DVD cover.Not sure how long it’s been like this, but the Universal Playback entry for the Filthy DVD now gives the same release date as the Play entry: Monday 26th JULY. That’s just over a week away, ladies and gentlemen. I’d forgotten it was that near. We’ll have a review next weekend, hopefully, if Play are as wonderful as they usually are.

I suppose I’d better do the standard obligatory link to some slapper’s piece of shit. Lewisohn is well worth a read too, although I’d still disagree that the show “displayed signs of the strain and anguish that, reportedly, dogged the show’s gestation”, and that it “just didn’t measure up”. Indeed, I’d disagree that it’s “not a classic show”; it’s up there in my favourite sitcoms ever. Any notion that it’s just a failed Young Ones really gets my feckles up.

To celebrate this wonderful, marvellous, incredible news, I’ve updated the Diary page. Updated FAQs, updated diaries… Who knows what crazy thing I might do next.

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