Relaunch graphic. Shit; you can safely ignore it.There you go, then. There’s still some problems with various things, as I, er, fell asleep and had to rush it. Some things never change. This is also the reason why this article is boring shit, I’m afraid. I’ll post something on The Drive Room later, for those who care about it. And I thought perhaps after that, if you’re feeling up to it, we could pop up to the projection room and I could talk you through my photo collection of twentieth-century telegraph poles.

Let me know if you have any suggestions/comments/problems/insults. You’ll notice that the URLs for the individual news items have changed to be slightly less stupid; the old ones will still work as well, though. You’ll also notice that all the other sections of the site apart from the news system still have the old design. This isn’t just me being lazy for once; they all need a radical overhaul, so there’s no point converting it all over to the new design before then. We’ll start that tomorrow.

After all this, let’s hope some news turns up that makes it worth the effort…

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