The Series V gift set. See, I told you the white background worked better.Ah, a TOS update. A real TOS update. To read, perchance to spunk. Or something like that.

As you may have gathered, the main news is is this lovely image of the V DVD Gift Set that we reported on earlier this week. Due to be released on the same day as the standard release (Monday November 8th), I’m sure you pack of collecting cunts will lap it up. It’s currently UK (and probably Australia) only; you Americans will have to make do with the super-exclusive trading cards you get with the standard releases. You American bastards. Meanwhile, the release date for the models themselves is still given as July/August (bizzarely, the Corgi site still gives the date as June); let’s hope there are no more delays, or BBC Worldwide will have their guts for garters.

The other piece of news on TOS is about that fine Mr. Lenahan. He features in Secrets of Magic, coming on Sunday August 8th at 6.05pm on BBC ONE, where he completely tears apart his act. Actually, his act is basically tearing apart his act. He’s a funny man, so this should be excellent. Although hopefully he didn’t go up to the cameras during recording and tell them to turn them off.

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