Just a few bits of other news:

  • The rather meagre TOS update last Friday I’m sure you’re all aware of by now; the Red Dwarf RPG is heading to Britain (and Germany). No release date given as yet; when we last reported on this back in October 2003, Amazon gave a February 1st 2004 release date. In fact, the Amazon entry still gives this. Ahem. Ages, ago TOS said that hopes were high for a pre-Christmas release (that’s Christmas 2003); you know what Red Dwarf and deadline slippage is like…
  • The Red Dwarf Zone mentions that the The Movie IMDB entry has been updated. Apparently, Big Blake notifed them of something; I’m sure he’ll pop up and say exactly what was changed (I can’t see exactly what; was the “Pre-Production” label there before?). I should e-mail him and ask him really, but why do that when I can be rude and do it on here? Meanwhile – let’s hope for some real movie news in the next month. Or I really will start to worry.
  • The other fansites are being a bit quiet at the moment. (Totally Smegged appears to have been given up on completely.) However, Garbage World has at least found an amusing picture, and Groovetown has added some search plug-ins. Which gives us a change to laugh at the ridiculousness of Red Dwarf World’s exit flame once again.
  • And finally, boycotting Dwarf DVDs helps the fight against Blair and Bush. Yes.

I’ve just spilt fucking tea all over myself.

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