Wank all happening at the moment, isn’t there? Even TOS doesn’t have much to say this week. Firstly, Talkie Toaster is on holiday. What a shame. But will be back soon. What a shame. Secondly, theres some more info on the VII repeats, the main news being that VIII is likely to be shown directly after. Hooray! We’re told that, what with the double bills continuing (apart from one week, to even things up), “how Back in the Red will be split is yet to be decided”. How ironic. Can I put my request in now for the VIII DVD to carry an hour version of BITR as per the original plan?

So, a couple of other things then. Firstly: an origami Kryten. Secondly, in keeping with the current trend of Dwarf sites, Big Blake has relaunched. The Red Dwarf section not only has some excellent news we missed, but has also grown some new bits, including a planned Articles section. Excellent. As for our relaunch – expect something shortly, my friends.

Of course, what we’re all waiting with baited breath for is more news about the movie, after Doug’s statement. Please be good news. Please…

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