The V DVD cover, in some form or another.Ooh, it’s getting close. The Red Dwarf Zone has spotted the first few pre-orders for Series V coming through. G&T recommends, because, among other reasons, they have a pleasing tendency to deliver new releases on the Saturday before they’re in the shops. (Hopefully, they’ll be doing this with The Brittas Empire Series Four this weekend.) Their entry also lists a previously unheard-of extra: “BBC Two S(k)utter clips”. The only thing this could be that I can think of is the Red Dwarf Night idents. Not series-specific (Series VII or VIII would make chronological sense), but they’ve got to be on one of the DVDs.

Despite Play’s excellence, it would be dereliction of our duty if we didn’t point out the mistakes in their entry:

  • It’s “skutter”, not “scutter”.
  • “classic moments such as Rimmer finally making it into the Space Corps” – Rimmer’s always been in the Space Corps; he just wasn’t an officer.
  • It’s “Duane Dibbley”, not “Dwayne Dibley”. You IDIOTS.
  • “the crew of Red Dwarf crew are in serious trouble!” Erm, yeah.
  • They list Juliet May as a director, but not Rob Grant or Doug Naylor.

Interestingly, the synopsi are the same as those on the BBC Shop entry. There are other places from which to buy your DVD, of course. Including, you know, actual shops. But then, social interaction of any kind is a pitiful waste of time, so stick to the internet. We’ll leave you in the capable hands of TRDZ and their marvellous Price List to guide you through your purchasing decision. Well, it’s one less thing for us to procrastinate over, isn’t it?

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