The Starbug Corgi model. Probably not immune to giant flaming meteorites either.Lovely. The Red Dwarf Zone has spotted this: an entry on the BBC Shop for Red Dwarf: Series 5 Limited Edition Gift Set, which “contains all six episodes from Series 5 together with a limited edition Corgi Model of the Starbug”. The cost is £24.99; as Collectiques list the Starbug model at £4.75, whilst Play list Series 5 at £14.99, it’d better come with a nice box. It’s due for release on the 23rd July… oh. Well. Fucking. Done. BBC. Like RDZ says, presumably the proper date will be the 8th November, like the standard release.

More interesting than all that, is that the entry also gives a few extras we haven’t heard about before: Fan Profiles, “Dwarfing USA” featurette, Dave Hollins Radio Sketch, and the twatting Weblink. Bloody hell, this is going to be packed. Any guesses as to what the first two will be like? The Dave Hollins sketch is to be applauded for being on there, too; it would be rather churlish to complain that it wasn’t on the first DVD, as it’s just lovely to have on there. I wonder if it’s only the first sketch, or whether it has any more? See our Son Of Cliché section for transcripts of all the sketches, incidentally.

Finally, the entry also mentions “3 Easter Eggs Including Animated Back To Reality”. Excellent. Mind you, not that it wasn’t predictable that that would be one of them, but when companies list the fact there are eggs, let alone the amount of them and the contents of one of them, it really would appear they have missed the entire point. A case of not being able to budget for them without being able to mention them in the publicity, or simply pure stupidity?

Oh, and the only TOS update this week: Vorsprung Dwarf Technik! I should be writing Series IX, or something. Anyway, looks like a simple import of the normal Region 2 disc rather than a special German version.

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