Holly in a silly nightcap. Pure comedy.Just to let you know that G&T will be offline between 12am and 9am on Tuesday 6th July. Tomorrow, in other words. We just thought you’d like to know, so you can take appropriate emergency measures; perhaps surround yourself with old Smegazines, or watch Meltdown six times in a row, until we return.

The reason for the downtime is, of course, the fabled site relaunch. As before, I actively encourage you to try out URLs whilst we’re down, as that’s quite funny.

Whilst we’re on the subject of fansites, The White Hole won’t be updated for a month; in the words of the man himself: “I’m going to live in the Isles of Scilly for 4 weeks. In a fucking tent.” The Red Dwarf Zone has updated with a nice little piece about the site. And Groovetown has brought back their caption competition.

Good luck everyone, here it comes…

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