Fucking hell. Loads has just turned up! Here we go, then:

  • SERIES V – DELETED SCENES: 9 from Holoship (11:43:22), 4 from The Inquisitor (08:41:11), 5 from Terrorform (08:25:15), 3 from Quarantine (04:58:09), 5 from Demons & Angels (09:23:03), and 3 from Back To Reality (04:06:16) – that’s 29 deleted scenes, lasting 47 minutes, 16 secs and 4 frames, if my extensive calculations serve me correctly. Which, lets face it, they probably haven’t. Either way, this is the first time we’ve had this much detail from a BBFC classification!

    Also included in this one is 7 minutes of Smeg Ups, two Easter Eggs each lasting 1 minute 6 seconds (one of them intriguingly labelled The Accent Question), a whopping 17 minutes 34 seconds of model shots (presumably this is the raw footage, rather than the Tyler behind-the-scenes stuff), the Bad Guys featurette lasting 2 minutes 26 seconds, and something called Back To Reality – Animation, lasting 5 minutes 45 seconds; presumably the animated Six of the Best egg.

  • HEAVY SCIENCE – SERIES V: The Series V documentary. Sadly no individual chapter details, so we don’t know how long is spent on each episode – but it lasts a total of 76 minutes 51 seconds.
  • SERIES V – DVD EXTRAS: Only a short one, this. We have: a 37 second video advert (either an advert for the videos taken from telly, or an actual advert on a video, we don’t know), and a 25 second BBC 2 trailer.
  • SERIES VI DVD EXTRAS: A big hmmm to this one. We have a 42 second entry simply called BBC 2; presumably a trailer. There are also three other entries, lasting 17 seconds, 35 seconds, and 11 seconds, each of them simply labelled Red Dwarf VI. Probably either eggs or trailers.

Shitting fucking crikey.

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