Brittas Series 5 cover. A nice picture of an Ostrich. But what is that thing on the left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks to The Red Dwarf Zone for this bit of news. Researching cunts.

Now, this is interesting. The Brittas Empire Series 5 has appeared on Eureka Video’s site. Rated PG, it’s due to be released on 4th October 2004; the same date given by Play ages ago. (The dates often seem to change with Brittas.)

The extras listed however, are slightly worrying. The 1994 Christmas Special is on there, which is great, as is the stills gallery (which will be nice to have, unless it’s done like the Series 4 gallery, and has a lot of the picture cut off). But there is no mention of any outtakes on the disc, as mentioned in this TOS article. Even more interestingly, a previous TOS article mentioned that there would be outtakes on the Series 4 release; they never appeared. The Series 4 release was delayed by a week, and was finally launched on July 19th, rather than July 12th. Has there been some rights problems that has meant they can’t be included on the releases? Will Series 5 end up bereft of the outtakes as well?

We’ll try and find out from Eureka and get back to you…

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