We’re completely sick of nicking news from The Red Dwarf Zone. So, we thought we’d nick some from Garbage World instead. Amazon now has a synopsis for Rob Grant’s novel Fat, due to be published May 19th 2005; actually, it has two identical synopsi, which is either a mistake, or a very subtle joke:

“A few years from now we will all be fat. If current trends persist its a fact. Statistics never lie. Just like the scales never lie. Just like your friends never lie when you ask if your ‘bum looks big in this’. Well maybe not the last one. Rob Grant’s new novel is set in the near future. In a world which has squeezed through the double doors and gone the way of America. And remember; in the land of the criminally obese the stout man is king. Rob Grant is a hugely commerical new voice in mainstream, high concept, high in poly-saturates, commercial fiction. Its also safe to say that with this, his hilarious new novel, he’s writing about what he knows…”

“new voice”? Backwards was published in 1996!

Austin has also made a few additions to his Science of Red Dwarf article recently. Personally, I hardly had no formal education at all. That’s why sometimes I don’t know stuff. Like, well, practically everything.

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