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Ah, more BBFC classifications. THE STARBUGGERS – SERIES V1 – DVD EXTRA contains the following; bear in mind that most of my commentary is guesswork:

  • The Starbuggers, the main VI documentary, lasting 1 hour 14 minutes. As those of you who were at DJXI can testify, this will be fantastic. TEH RUSHEHES.
  • Easter Egg SVC Footage, lasting 2 minutes. SVC being the company that did the video effects for VI. We’ve specifically been promised some SVC footage (presumably classified here), so this is presumably something extra. Presumptions, there.
  • Sick, lasting 2 minutes 29 seconds. The music featurette, this time set to Mama Told Me Not To Come. A song that is both irrelevant AND shit.
  • Return to Laredo, lasting 10 minutes 22 seconds. All you need to know is here.
  • Gunmen of the Apocolypse, lasting 5 minutes 58 seconds. The animated SOTB egg, one would assume. Assumptions, there.
  • Effects Shots, lasting 43 seconds. Another egg, perhaps, as its so short? I’ve no idea. Leave me alone.
  • Honkey Tonk Music Cue, lasting 1 minutes 6 seconds. Speculation, here – was the saloon music recorded on set for Gunmen? If it was, this could be the raw footage of this. Possibly. It has to be something visual, as audio-only elements aren’t classified for the Dwarf DVDs.

I think that’s just about everything classifed now. Now we only have DVD Details articles to keep us going until the V release on the 8th November. Be kind to us, Mr. Ellard, or else I’ll go mad.

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