The Red Dwarf Zone does it again. A post made on Robert Llewellyn’s guestbook by the man himself says:

“I know for a fact that there will eventually be a massive box set of the entire series of Red Dwarf, with lots of extra bits, but I don’t think it comes out until 2006!”

The fact there’s going to be a full boxset is no surprise (and yes, I’m doing it as one word on purpose; it’s how it’ll end up being eventually); but the promise of extra bits is just brilliant. I was expecting just a bog standard release of the existing DVDs to be honest. Anyone got any ideas as to what they could be? Proper documentaries on Series 1 and 2? Lots of extra bits that they couldn’t clear for the standard releases? This could be your final chance to suggest extras for the series (bar the last two) for ages, so take the opportunity – we all know GNP listen to suggestions from the fans…

Standard disclaimer: this isn’t from GNP, so don’t take it as confirmed news. And sorry for taking two days to nick this news. I’m BUSY. Oh, you’re not busy working on G&T, are you?

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