Gmail logo. That is all.Right then, I’ve got five Gmail invites to give away. The first five people to post to this news story can have one. THIS IS BECAUSE I HAVE NO FRIENDS.

Don’t forget to include your email on the form, or I won’t know where to send it…

UPDATE (09/09/04): I’ve now got six to give away – same drill as before. ~ Ian.

5 comments on “Gmail Invites!

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  • I’ve still got my old tordfc email address. Don’t even know if it’s still active.
    Ah yes, having to be invited to gmail. That elusive club, just for the elite. In recent years, I remember being desperate to get an invite to Ello. As soon as I did…Well, it’s no Twitter. It’s not even Google+.

  • I just came across this post a few days during a bout of hitting the “Random” button and didn’t think to make a joke.

    I’m not bitter…

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