Excellent! Interestingness abounds, so I won’t just use up all the juicy stuff in this interview – but I do have to quote one bit: “I’m afraid I’m going to have to be a little closed lipped about the exact nature of the projects that I’m involved with at present – but I do have a number of my old colleagues from ‘Dwarf’ working alongside me, notably Peter Tyler, Nick Kool and Alan ‘Rocky’ Marshall.” OH, I WONDER WHAT THAT IS.

Meanwhile, Cappsy has also found out that following the announcement that one of the Dave Hollins sketches will appear on the Series V DVD, “the plan is to have at least one sketch per DVD for the 4 next DVDs”, to replace the talking book extras that they couldn’t get the rights for (they belong to a different company than the first two books). This is fucking brilliant news; the Dave Hollins sketches are hilarious, and it’s great that they’ll have a wider audience. (You can read transcripts of the five sketches in our Son of Cliché section.) And the talking books extras were always a bit of a waste of time anyway. Now, any chance of a full Son of Cliché release, I wonder?

Oh, and my Pomphrey interview? Well, welcome to a new G&T initiative: DOING SOME FUCKING WORK. We should have regular Sunday afternoon Site Updates articles. I wonder how many weeks that’ll last for? It has a 0 in it, but it’s not 1000…

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