Just a couple of main TOS updates today, but interesting things are happening elsewhere. Let’s start with the Starbug playset news, though – you can now pre-order it from here. Hurrah! For a mere thirty quid, you can’t go wrong really. Come October, we’ll all be running round our bedrooms making whooshy noises. And it’s OK to do so, because we’re doing it in an ironical way. That’s our excuse, and we’re sticking to it. Incidentally, why doesn’t TOS link directly to external websites from their articles? Damned fools.

Also coming in October, Brittas Series Five! Erm, my Series Four review is coming soon, folks. Honest. The menu shots look a bit cheap and tacky, to be honest (what kind of a desk is that?), but it’s to be expected. And the background blue-tinted images do look nice. TOS acknowledges the lack of out-takes on the releases, but doesn’t mention why. We’re working on this, and might have an answer as soon as we find the cocking e-mail address of the bloke we know at Eureka. We’re a team of highly-trained professionals.

More interesting news: full marks to the annoyingly good TRDZ for spotting that the hidden-away movie crew page has been updated. The anachronistic “mid-July” date for pre-production has been changed to the more vague “soon”. Things are still on course for shooting in January, though, so everything is A-OK. I wonder what’s happening regarding that funding deal?

I dunno. Cappsy leaves his Hole unattended for a month, and when he goes back to it, it causes a right stink. First, he brings us the exclusive news that the Dave Hollins sketches – all one two three four five of them – will be spread over the next four DVDs. Excellent news, naturally. Not only that, he’s only got a bloody Mike Tucker interview! That’s all well and good, but has he got his new Aston Villa shirt? No. Thus Cappsy has no worth.

UPDATE: It would seem John’s written about the White Hole stuff too. Well, why not read both, and tell us WHO IS THE BEST?

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