The final V DVD cover. Hooray! Just a small update on TOS this week, but a good one: the finished V DVD cover. (well, apart from all the technical info at the bottom, which is “tbc”.) “Mr. Flibble is very cross. The Red Dwarf crew run in terror through six more adventures, encountering love, death, existential erasure… and a killer glove puppet.” Brilliant. And seeing the list of extras as it is on the packaging is lovely, even though we already knew what was on there.

The other bit of news is confirmation of Cappsy’s news that the Dwarf ep of Comedy Connections will be on at 10:55pm on Monday, August 30th on BBC ONE. (I think I’m the only person to take notice of the BBC’s branding guidelines and not use ‘BBC1’, but then, I am a cunt.) The interesting thing is that there will be a clip of one of the US pilots, which will be the first time anything of it has aired in the UK. But what with this, and the recent clips shown on How I Learned to Hate TV, and the fact that clips will appear on the Dwarfing USA V featurette, is all this a coincidence, or has something happened with the rights recently? (Clue: it’s probably the former, but I like conspiracy theories.)

The picture used for the article is interesting as well: a nice grab of the connections diagram used for Dwarf ep, which I’m afraid I’ve spent far too long studying. It is however stretched to a 4:3 frame rather than a 16:9, so either TOS have FUCKED UP, or they’re making a sly reference to the fact that the show really should have been made in 4:3 anyway, what with all the archive clips used…

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