Bloody hell. Loads has been happening recently. Just to reassure you that things are proceeding normally, here’s a roundup of the latest “news” that we usually have to make do with:

  • All the Re-mastered videos are now deleted! The boxset has been unavaliable since 20th May 2004, with the various individual videos having gone since the 5th April. WHAT A SHAME.
  • A nice Prop Store item for you; a Portable Data Terminal “generically used throughout the series” (ie. we can’t find where). It’s going for £75; just take a look at this picture to realise why DWARF IS BETTER THAN TREK.
  • Ja’Nusz Wu has mailed us to point out that Series 2 of Dwarf is showing on BBC Prime (the overseas BBC entertainment channel); the first three episodes start at 21:00 on Tuesday 17th, and the last three start at exactly the same time the following week. Unfortunately, the series is described on the site as “The whacky cult sci-fi comedy series”. The use of the h adds insult to injury, I feel. It’s almost as bad as the Radio Times UKG2 description for BITR3 being “The Cat falls in love”. YES, BECAUSE THAT’S REALLY THE POINT OF THE EPISODE, ISN’T IT?

    Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, anyone in the UK who wants to see the eps on BBC Prime will have to break into Television Centre and view the thing on their ring main…

  • If you’re up in Edinburgh, try to catch Pure Standup – The Golden Years on a night when Hattie Hayridge is playing. It’s on every night except the 26th, but its a different line-up every night; I suggest you go along to the Gilded Balloon and see if they have any info on when she’s on.
  • And finally, has updated during the last few days. Re-live the old days of! Other sites you might be interested in: The White Hole, Groovetown, Red Dwarf World, SmegWeb,,, TOS… and, of course, the ever-changing Grant Naylor site.

Stay tuned for our Sunday afternoon update. And then bugger off again because it doesn’t appear, naturally.

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