Another one so quickly? Well, a few things have caught my eye. But it hurt so much that I’d rather just get on straight with the article:

  • Garbage World has updated again, with a SF reading list. So all of us ignorant comedy fans can see what we’re missing. Anyway, as all of you damn well know, the best SF book in the universe is a copy of I, Robot with CUNTING WILL SMITH on the cover.
  • The stupidest post ever made on Usenet? Quite possibly.
  • A couple of nice spaceship renders from The Mind Robber, if you haven’t already seen them: Ace’s ship from Dimesion Jump, and Blue Midget.
  • And I’m pretty most of you have read this, but for some reason I’ve managed to avoid it: this Mike Tucker interview on the BBC site is great; although remember that it was written before the BBC Vis FX department was shut down. See Cappsy’s interview for what he’s up to at the moment.
  • And finally: just look at this. LOOK AT IT. (It’s the American edition, incidentally.) Have you ever seen anything quite so wrong in practically every single way?

There might even be an old-style G&T article uploaded later today…

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