Oh smeg, it’s another roundup…

  • Austin Ross has now added a leaseholder’s addendum to his Out Of Time review, dealing with the “resolution” to the cliffhanger. This does, naturally, take second place to insulting Rob Grant on the front page. Hooray!
  • Groovetown, meanwhile, has a couple of new articles. Firstly, something about Carrie and Barry, a new sitcom featuring Mark Williams, alongside Neil Morrissey, starting on the 3rd September. The main draw, however, is that it’s written by Simon Nye, so I suspect this will be excellent.
  • The other piece is about Robert Bathurst’s new site (or Bathhurst, as Re-mastered would have it). Fair enough about Rick’s comments to do with it being one of the better Flash sites out there, with some kind of point in using the format, but oddly, in Netscape 7 at least, the site appears to open up really small, and can’t be resized without cutting off the edges of the site. It works fine in IE and even Opera though, so it could possibly be something to do with this setup. Either way: I simply don’t like Flash, for the simple reason that I don’t like a commercial company controlling a web format, and that it makes parts of the site inaccessible that could otherwise be accessed by modem users, or people without Flash. But, then, I’m an idealistic cunt who can’t even design a navbar that works properly in Opera, so I should probably shut up.
  • Prop Store stuff: a Zero G Football Tape as used in Better Than Life, for £95 (a fucking bargin for such an iconic prop); a Lister Appeal Evidence Folder as used in Krytie TV, for £65 (not that great, perhaps, but it’d be excellent if you actually used it); and a ‘Morris Dancer Monthly’ Magazine Cover, also from Krytie TV, going for £29 (very cheap for such an amusing prop).
  • Aaargh!
  • Oh dear. “I was shocked and hurt beyond repair when I played Polymorph on DVD III and found that the beginning and end where stripped. I would like to know whose doing this was. If by a man’s work shall we know him then he is a traitor to Red Dwarf and its loyal and diehard fans. I read it was for “special reasons”. Special reasons my foot!!! I demand his address, e-mail, or any contact info to send him an angry note and demand for a refund for the DVD and doctor’s bill for all it took to recover. I appeal to Grant and Naylor. How could you have let this happen, how?”
  • Just confirmation that QI is returning this autumn. Guests include: Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, Jeremy Hardy, Phill Jupitus, Clive Anderson, John Sessions, Fred MacAulay, Phil Kaye, Jeremy Clarkson, Barry Cryer, Arthur Smith, Josie Lawrence, Mark Steele, Jimmy Carr, Anneka Rice, Sean Lock and Rich Hall. Pity Goodall isn’t mentioned, but: hooray for Barry Cryer! Hopefully, the great bits will still be great, and the bad bits will be got rid of; there were admittedly a few joke-free stretches amongst the fun stuff. And will they have hired a competent editor this year?
  • RDZ mentioned this ages ago – Tim Gillooley has started up a petition to inform studio executives that there is a ready and willing audience for the movie. An admirable idea, and aimed the right people, but I just wish he had some punctuation skills, as it looks rather unprofessional. Sigh. That’s G for… G for Gnome…
  • And finally: Hooray!

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