The Red Dwarf I-IV boxset. No funny comment today. Go on, fuck off.Ta to Cpt-D for letting us know about this – more details about the aforementioned box-set are available on Amazon. Turns out this’ll be, as it says on the tin, Just The Shows. Not like the full extra-laden box-set mentioned by Bobby Llew, then.

To clarify, this will have no extras – despite the spacky Amazon review. Eejits. This is intended as a budget version for those who don’t want to fork out for extras… even though you can probably get all four full releases for less than the RRP, if you shop around online. Still, the bare bones release does come with a smart looking box. And it’s rather nice of them to do the plain version after the extras-packed releases, as opposed to making everyone fork out twice. Still, you know that half the people here, myself included, will buy the box-set like the idiots we are.

There will apparently be more details on TOS on Friday. Someone will have to let me know – I’ll be on my way to the Leeds Festival. Hurrah!

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