Hmmm. After RDZ’s news story about UK Data Net (basically, give us loads of money and we’ll give you company accounts), I thought it might be interesting to go down the more official route, at the goverment website of Companies House.

By law, all Limited companies must file reports to the government. Certain information is given out for free on their website; both Red Dwarf Films Limited (created on 3rd May 2000) and Red Dwarf Limited (created on 21st October 2002) are listed on there. (The other company mentioned by RDZ, 04203997 Red Dwarf Pictures PLC, doesn’t show up anywhere on the government site.)

You can buy the full reports on the site; I’m currently being a cheapskate, but I might fork out at some point. Interestingly, however, the free information given for Grant Naylor Productions Ltd gives a previous name for the company: Spenshire Limited. It was changed to GNP on the 1st May 1990; the company was originally formed on 8th February 1990. Hmmm – interesting…

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