Oh dear, oh dear. Some website called London News Review has published a “definitive list” of The 50 Unfunniest Living Britons. We’re covering this because, apparantly, ” no British television programme in history…has plumbed the depths of unfunniness quite like Red Dwarf“. Actually, no. We’re covering this as an excuse to rip this assortment of wrongness and lies apart, regardless of the Dwarf bits. If it wasn’t on G&T, it’d be on some forum or other. Might as well get them out of the way, then:

4 Craig Charles
– no comment.

Yes, that’s helpful. That’s just very poor, lazy journalism. You’re writing an opinion piece; you’ve got to actually let people know what your opinions are. Are we expected to read that and say “yes, actually, Craig Charles is definitely the fourth least funny person in Britian”?

13 The man who plays

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