As The Red Dwarf Zone has just reported, a couple of Red Dwarf VI extras have just passed through the BBFC. Firstly, Red Dwarf Series VI – DVD Extra – Behind The Scenes Featurette – rated PG, and running at 6 minutes 59 seconds, this must be what is referred to in the DVD Details article Raiding The Archive:

“But the coolest archive extra might just be the discovery of some ‘Making Of’ tapes. Back in 1993, there were plans for a making-of video to come out alongside Series VI. A small crew began the work on the first day of filming… and never came back. The project was cancelled before it was really begun – nobody had yet been interviewed, and filming hadn’t even begun in the studio – but we have the best of that raw footage available. It’s a rare chance to see cast and crew at work on location during the filming of Psirens.”

Fucking excellent. The second extra is Red Dwarf Series VI – Making The Visual Effects; running at 6 minutes 25 seconds and rated U, this is also mentioned in the above article:

“As for Series VI, once again the FX boys have come up trumps and we have a short collection of silent, black and white 8mm footage recorded by Nick Kool showing how those guys continued to crash Starbug without wrecking the model. We also have some on-screen graphics from SVC (the company who created Series VI’s amazing video effects).”

More quoting chunks of TOS to pass off as an in-depth news story soon!

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