I-I-I-I-sorry. The Red Dwarf Zone has news of The Best TV Shows That Never Were on Australian TV channel ABC, showing on 16th August at 8pm ET. Apparently, a one second clip of one of the US Dwarf pilots was shown in a trailer for the show.

Like Danny says, if any of you AUSTRALIAN CUNTS can record the show and mail him an MPEG of the relevant section, we’d all be more than grateful. You kangaroo-loving fannies.

UPDATE: (15/08/04) Thanks to Manda in our comments, who has pointed out that this is on the American network ABC, and not the Australian one. That’ll teach us not to check our facts properly. Sorry. In my shame, I’ll even forgo my usual racism.

So, if any of you Americans could capture the relevant show and send it to Danny at The Red Dwarf Zone, we’d all be eternally grateful.

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