Thanks to Calnert on the NOTBBC Comedy Forum for alerting us that Bravo are repeating Brittas, starting with the first episode Laying the Foundations at 1:00pm (repeated at 5:55pm) this Saturday, and continuing with the second episode Opening Day at the same time on Sunday. It’s not on the rest of the week, so presumably this is a lovely weekend treat.

I was going to take the piss out of Bravo for their appalling programming, but they are also showing the Ed-Bye-directed The Detectives, so I’ll let them off. That was the first thing Ed shot all on film, dontchaknow. Although he did direct the film inserts of Filthy, Rich and Catflap. God, I’m a cunt.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that Series 5 of Brittas is due out on the 4th October. We have it on good authority that the missing outtakes that were promised couldn’t be cleared in time, but they will hopefully make it onto a release of series 6 or 7.

…Exxxxxxxxxxxcellent, I’m afraid.

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