The Red Dwarf V DVD cover. A thing of beauty.This is frankly ridiculous. Both Play (which previously listed the DVD for £14.99) and RDSUK have the Series V DVD on sale for: £12.99. A frankly insulting price. If I were you, I’d go for the Play option, as a) they tend to deliver the DVDs on the Saturday before the Monday release date, b) RDSUK, despite saying they will despatch the DVDs so they arrive on the release date, have not done so in the past, and c) Play has a far nicer layout for their listings – RDSUK’s is just one nasty block of text.

Also worth noting is that Play have the first four DVDs also for £12.99 – RDSUK still has them at £14.99.

Oddly, despite listing the Just The Shows boxset (for £27.99, compared to Play’s £24.99), RDSUK don’t seem to have listed the V Limited Edition DVD. Again, its Play to the rescue, with (as Big Blake pointed out to us) a price of £17.99. As the Starbug model alone is worth £4.75, it’s almost enough to want to go and take the money you save over to GNP’s offices and slip the money under the door.

But wait! RDSUK can still win at something. They currently have 50% off these audiobooks: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, Better Than Life, and the Red Dwarf Radio Show Volume 2 (not Volume 1, annoyingly); all for

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