The final version of the Corgi Red Dwarf model. WHY RE-MASTERED/VIII? WHY? WHY GOD FUCK YOU?I don’t think this even counts as news anymore. All three Corgi releases are now given as “Sept/Oct 2004”. FOR. CUNTING. FUCKS. SAKE. These were supposed to be cunting released over a year ago now. Fine, a few months delay – but a whole year just indicates that the products were never fit to be given a release date at all. (Incidentally, TOS, they have always said there is no fixed release date; my problem is with other companies.) Even more stupidly, Corgi themselves still give a release date of June 2004. The keynote here is: always be professional.

Remember that the Series 5 Special Edition DVD with the Starbug model is due for release on the 8th November – so they have to get it right by then, or things will get even more amusing…

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