Simon Jones (Arthur), Geoffrey McGivern (Ford) and Dirk Maggs (Director).Not strictly Dwarf news, but any new British SF comedy on TV or radio deserves our attention.

As Groovetown reminds us, now all those tricky legal problems with Disney cunts are sorted out, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy returns tonight @ 6:30pm on Radio 4 (repeated on Thursday @ 11:00pm). Rather than go on about it here (particuarly as most of you will already know about it anyway) I’ll point you towards the excellent BBC site about the new series. In particular, I’ll point you towards the trailer. And for all you not in the UK (or who miss it), remember that each episode will be on Listen Again for seven days after broadcast.

Oh, and as Groovetown points out, Andy “You’re a ro-bot, aren’t you?” Taylor plays Zem, the mattress, in the first episode. But will he beat his excellent performance in the Walls sausages ads?

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