The V DVD discs. Beautiful.Ian’s at uni. I’ve got some semblance of a life. And TOS updates have slowed down. What’s wrong with the world?

Nonetheless, there was one excellent update this week: a DVD Details article about the V DVD booklet and “onbodies”. A term I had not heard before, and which Andrew excellently uses for the purposes of a dirty joke. Everything looks gorgeous, chaps and chappesses. Keep up the good work.

Meanwhile, there’s a mention of Chris’s appearance at the Cult TV convention (which we’ve already covered). There’s also a mention of Craig’s new film Ten Minutes being avaliable on DVD (which was mentioned first on Garbage World); but as Cappsy has so eloquently mentioned, the fact that the website boots you off after ten minutes is so spectacularly stupid that I can’t be bothered covering it properly in a seperate article, or indeed covering it properly at all. Ha. That’ll show them. How many sales do you think they’ve lost now?

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