Sorry for not updating for ages; told you I’d be busy for a bit. Anyone want to offer me a good job? Preferably not bread related.

  • RDZ have noticed that RDSUK has updated, with Red Dwarf: Just the Shows – CUNTING BYTE ONE and the Red Dwarf V DVD. (No sign of the V Limited Edition Gift Set.) RDZ quite rightly point out that the words “Your order will be despatched to you for arrival on the release date” means, from past experience… ooh, about as much as a promise of an article from me. Still, when it arrives, you can be sure it will be bloody smegin’ lishus.

    My own personal gripe with RDSUK is the total lack of information anywhere on the site about any changes to its product range. Why the fuck does it not still sell Brittas DVDs, or Crime Traveller? Where did the Corgi models disappear to? Etc etc etc. Anyway, buy them from Play, if you have any sense.

  • You’ve probably all read this by now, but The White Hole has an account by James Bull about his day yapping on about Kryters for The “Ultimate” “Sci-Fi” “Top” “Ten”. Incidentally, for those of you who are interested in the new Sky One logo coming soon: Fuck me, it’s shit.
  • Oh, and I haven’t actually mentioned Cappsy’s Comedy Connections article in a news story yet. So, erm, there you go. I’m sure it’s great; I’ve not actually read it, as I don’t want it to influence my article. Which, by most current estimates, will appear right in 2007. Right after my Britain’s Best Sitcom review.
  • Final Hole News: Danny Stephenson has done a Red Dwarf And Me. And very good it is too. I really should get round to mine…
  • A couple of Prop Store items: a Cat Jacket from Series VII costing £395 (JUST BECAUSE IT’S NEARLY TOUCHED DANNY’S WINKIE, THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT VALUABLE); and a Futuristic Light Up Gadget from Back In The Red, costing £295 (JUST BECAUSE IT LIGHTS UP AND FLASHES A BIT, THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT VALUABLE). When you realise that a genuinely classic and iconic prop like the Zero G Football Tape is only going for £95, you’ve got to wonder what’s going on.
  • And the final nail in the coffin: Jolie’s not interested in doing any more Tomb Raider. What a shame.

Gah. Now Tanya’s fallen asleep without me, so I don’t get to say goodnight. THAT’S THE KIND OF SACRIFICE I MAKE FOR YOU LOT, YOU UNGRATEFUL FUCKERS.

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