RDSUK has updated again, finally adding the V Gift Set (it’s 75p cheaper at Play). They’ve also added a nasty Flash animation on the front page, but I won’t moan about it too much because they’ve also added the same info about the new products in a more accessible text format below it, which is a lot better than it was before. They’ve even tidied up the V DVD entry so it looks lovely and pretty. However, they have spelt Duane Dibbley as ‘Dwayne Dibley’, which is pretty shocking for an official site…

Enough. The main news here is a release date for the also newly-added Starbug Electronic Playset (or, as the text on the front of the site would have it, ‘Star Bug Electronic Play set’), which is Saturday, 30th October 2004. Just within the planned October release date, then – let’s hope they don’t do a Corgi on us.

Oddly, the price given is £34.99, wheras the price on the Product Enterprise site is £29.99. Either the price has gone up, or that’s what you call “mark-up”.

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