Well done Garbage World, which is currently specialising in Neil Gaiman’s blog (an author I keep meaning to look into, incidentally – but I will repeat my fulsome praise for Don’t Panic), we now know that:

“Robert Llewellyn plays a gryphon. It’s a larger role than a cameo, although he’s not one of the principals. He fails to devour our heroine “bones and all”. He’s very funny. Stephen Fry plays a librarian, made of books.”

Oh, and there’s also this. (“That’s him on the left, being magnificently baffled.”) Fan-blooming-tastic.

I just hope that when the website for the film launches properly, it doesn’t make you build a fully realistic CGI model of yourself before having to set up a virtual reality system and using it as an avatar which you have to use to browse the site rather than doing it directly also you have to wear a mask and dream it all and you have to have surgery whilst you’re doing it and you have to sit next to a big mirror.

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