Right, lots to catch up on, and I’ve got no time to do it in. Forgive the apalling quality of the writing that follows.

Firstly, TOS has updated, most of which we’ve covered before, but actually written competently. There’s news of the Laser-etched Starbug that’s finally avaliable to order; see Big Blake’s news story for more details.

There’s also news about the Red Dwarf theme in concert, that we first reported on back in July; the main new bit is that Howard Goodall has “just completed an orchestral suite”. Excellent. Unfortunately, I’m due to be at CUNTING BASTARD WORK on October 30th; if I can’t swap shifts I’m going to TRASH THE STORE.

There’s also news of RDSUK actually being worth your time again. And finally, some news we didn’t know: Norman Lovett’s on your mobile. This really looks very shit indeed, but official G&T policy is to give things a chance before criticising. Why would you want Norman on your mobile, though? Not when there’s this.

Moving on. RDZ have noticed that the Series V Menus have shown up on the BBFC. Which reminds me – the Series IV menus haven’t turned up on the site yet. Silly people.

As for The Ultimate Sci-Fi Top Ten, there has been a woeful lack of coverage on it from this site. Not wanting to earn Murdoch even more money, or simply being lazy? YOU DECIDE. (It’s the latter.) Anyway, Big Blake has done a wonderful write-up on the Robots episode, which featured Kryters. (He also did an article on Public Opinion recently too.) Note that voting on the Sky One site had nothing to do with the final order of things. Meanwhile, does anyone know where the Shrinking Boxer Shorts scene was placed in the Greatest Moments episode on the 13th? I genuinely haven’t got time to search and check. Research, there.

And finally: Cappsy’s blog. Excellent. And I write, The White Hole is 403 Forbidden. THINGS ARE CHANGING!!!

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