A fresh-faced Stephen Fry.We go on about a show for ages, and then miss it when it finally turns up. Sigh. QI started its second series last Friday. Balls. Never mind, tune in this Friday @ 10:00pm on BBC TWO for the next episode (actually last week’s BBC FOUR ep) with Jo Brand, Phil Kay and Rich Hall (along with Alan Davis and Stephen Fry, obviously), and then straight after @ 10:30pm on BBC FOUR for the next episode, with Rich Hall, Phill Jupitus and Clive Anderson.

Hopefully, it will be as good as it was before, but with better editing. One of the few shows where I’ve cringed every single time a round ends…

Incidentally, qi.com is a rather interesting website. Particuarly The “B” list. Excellent.

Also on just before this on Friday @ 9:00pm on BBC ONE is the new French and Saunders. Why do we care? Because Ed Bye is directing it. What a sad life we lead.

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