DOUG: Having said that, I was really disappointed with Holoship.
SMEGAZINE: For what reason?
DOUG: It didn’t have the emotional arc I had hoped it would have. I wasn’t moved by it at all, and it should have worked but it didn’t.
SMEGAZINE: You seemed to avoid making it to heavy, especially the final scene where Rimmer talks about them not being apart.
DOUG: I don’t mean emotionally corny; I meant that I expected to be genuinely moved by it and wasn’t.
SMEGAZINE:What was that due to what?
DOUG: Oh, all sorts of things: the writing, acting, directing, and producing.
SMEGAZINE:But other than that?
DOUG: (laughing) All those things go together to make the moment work.

Holoship is great, you fool!

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