Ah, that’s better. Teh Ellards is right, chapter points may not be the most exciting aspect of a release. But any time the top-right corner of TOS changes, I soil myself with joy. It’s because there’s always so many interesting things to gleam from even the most mundane of articles. For example, the initial run of Series V DVDs is 200,000. Coo! It’s also the most pre-ordered DVD to date. Presumably this only counts RDSUK pre-sales; all us sensible Play users will add to that too. In excellent news, there’s going to be little Back/Next options for navigating from episode to episode. The navigation is finally going to be more or less spot on for these releases, what with the bonus materials menu being split and music cues categorised by episode.

As for the chapter points themselves, I have to say my reaction was one of “oh”. There are no titles of “Twat It” or “CLITORIS” standard, frankly. They seem quite nicely spaced out, like. I don’t know. I never use chapter points for Dwarf – the plot’s so tight, and the humour so reliant on the storyline around this time, you can’t simply skip bits. One more thing – “Red Dwarf³” wouldn’t have been mathematically correct anyway. Aaaaaaah.

And finally, Just The Shows Vol One is out on Monday. John will have a review at some point. Have we let you down with reviews before? Oh.

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