It’s deleted scenes time! One of those articles where you just know you’re going to squeal with delight at frequent intervals as soon as you click on it. In fact, it didn’t even need a click to invoke a reaction. How many of us went “whuh?” when we saw this on the front page? Man, Jack Docherty looks scary as fuck there. Amazing what a bit of eye make-up can do; see also a dead Chris Barrie. Absolutely chilling. This pic’s a bit nuts, though. Can’t wait to see it, though – bloody 45 minutes of deleted scenes! 64 individual moments! Excuse me a moment… FX: TOILET FLUSHING

Of course, we’re familiar with the script form of some of these moments already; vast swathes of deleted stuff from Holoship was included in Son of Soup. I’ve not got a copy to hand (the only downside of university is that I am no longer in the same building as all my Dwarf stuff), so I can’t check if everything’s going to be there. The introduction mentions something along the lines that the scenes are “destined to rot in the home for unwanted videotape forever”. Oh, Rob Grant c.1996 – how can you have been so short-sighted? Extracts from the shooting script for The Inquisitor were hosted on some website or other a while back, of course, but they’ve gone now. However, using my superb memory skills, I can tell you that it’s pretty much all there. Hurrah!

In Norman Lovett news, don’t miss his exciting gig in Bath on the 22nd. Oh. There’s a bit more notice, however, for a gig in South Cheshire on November 19th. Norm playing at universities, eh? *phones student union office* And not only will Norm be attending Memorabilia on the 27th-28th, Craig, Chris and Robert will too. “Expect them all to have very sore wrists by the end of the weekend.” No, I don’t see any possible joke I can do here.

In Hattie news, last night I had a dream in which I danced with her to The Rocker by Thin Lizzy in a branch of Comet. Oh, for a really world class psychiatrist.

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