Ian’s in bastard Wakefield, so you’ll have to do with me I’m afraid. Sorry about the delay.

  • Australian DVD covers. Pretty similar to the UK ones. We are told, however, about the Australian Just The Shows release to “Ignore any rumours of a special ‘tin’ – fun though that might be.” Thanks. The release is on November 10th, one day earlier than we previously reported. On the subject of Australian release dates, the Series V DVD is coming out there on December 2nd. WE GET OURS IN A WEEK HA HA HA.
  • The Red Dwarf IV DVD wins an international award! Excellent. The DVDs really haven’t had the recognition they deserve awards-wise so far; I suspect that when the V DVD comes out we will have good reason to fix a fe… I mean, start some campaigns going. Either way, at least we’re all agreed that the best extra on the DVD is “an all-too-rare user-friendly link to a well-endowed Red Dwarf website.” For people who can’t type “Red Dwarf” into Google, yes.
  • Red Dwarf RPG Sourcebook news. I really, really need to do this. But I’ve got a nasty feeling that the character I’d end up with would be Second Technician PIP.

Oh: I want this.

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