V and VI music cues. One of the nerdiest DVD Details articles ever written, and therefore one of the best. Excellently, “the cues this time will be organised by episode” to reflect the fact that a lot of the music was being written for specific shows at this point; and we’re also promised “another selection of specific and generic cues that were created for the shows and ultimately never used”. And read the penultimate paragraph for more TALES OF TEH RUSHEHS. What a lovely story!

There’s also news of Chris Barrie’s new Discovery series Massive Machines, in which he investigates “all manner of colossal vehicles and the development behind them – from cargo aircraft, helicopters and amphibious craft to locomotives, ships and cranes”. Excellent. It starts at 8.30pm on Tuesdays from October 5th… BUGGER. FUCK. SHIT. WANK. CUNT. BASTARD MISSED IT CUNT FUCK BALLS SHIT IT FUCK MY WANK TESTICLES.

Oh, and “Eureka Video… whoops, sorry. “Eureka Video have no firm dates for series 6, despite rumours that it may arrive in early 2005. More details as we get them.” Well, we did say that the January date as given on Play was liable to change. But still: TOS for the facts, G&T for the swearing.

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