Craig Bierko delivering a line that's BETTER than its equivalent from The EndHow did we miss this? Oh yes; we’re shit. Anyway, a whopping six days ago (although, it won’t have been on the site for that long), “DWARFING USA – RED DWARF EXTRA SERIES V DOCUMENTARY” showed up on the BBFC website. Hurrah!

Director: unknown. Producer: unknown. Cast: unknown. Should someone find this recording, perhaps it will shed light as to what happened here. We do know, however, that it’ll be 28 minutes and 15 seconds long. That’s fucking ace, that is. Not sure how much of that will be clips and how much will be interviews, but both will be fantastic. And there’s a bloody half hour’s worth. Add that to 75 minutes of Heavy Science, 40 minutes of deleted scenes, 30 minutes of Mike Tucker’s SFX documentary, reams and reams of your usual miscellany… three weeks to go, chaps.

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