Starbug Launching, thereFinally! Sorry about the downtime this week (to all 5 of you out there) but I took everything down thinking I was motivated enough to finish within a few days. Ha! As it turns out I am now at this mid-stange that I think is acceptable for launch.

The cutting and pasting of all the old content to the new template is long and very very boring job so at the moment you only have what I recon are the bare essentials: Interviews, DVD Reviews and articles, Wallpapers and other little bits and bobs. I’ll have the rest up very soon, but until then: sorry for the broken links.

Its a pretty unremarkable re-launch, really. It was done for my own benefit, mostly, with a new content managments system powered by WordPress and the nice comments system that goes with it. Due to me using the default comments template it’s pretty similar to Ganymede and Titan’s comments system so you’ll all know it well.

I know it’s not a very exciting design so any comments and suggestions will be welcome.

This is the only non Red Dwarf post I hope to make. Normal service soon!

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