Starbug Launching, thereFinally! Sorry about the downtime this week (to all 5 of you out there) but I took everything down thinking I was motivated enough to finish within a few days. Ha! As it turns out I am now at this mid-stange that I think is acceptable for launch.

The cutting and pasting of all the old content to the new template is long and very very boring job so at the moment you only have what I recon are the bare essentials: Interviews, DVD Reviews and articles, Wallpapers and other little bits and bobs. I’ll have the rest up very soon, but until then: sorry for the broken links.

Its a pretty unremarkable re-launch, really. It was done for my own benefit, mostly, with a new content managments system powered by WordPress and the nice comments system that goes with it. Due to me using the default comments template it’s pretty similar to Ganymede and Titan’s comments system so you’ll all know it well.

I know it’s not a very exciting design so any comments and suggestions will be welcome.

This is the only non Red Dwarf post I hope to make. Normal service soon!


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  1. Hmm, now you mention VALIDATE BOLLOCKS WAH, I;ve just realised I;ve validated all this as Transitional instead of Strict. Moh.

    *Opens up Textpad and cracks knuckles*

  2. Yeah, I tried that ages ago and I seem to remember it being rubbish.

    The logo is something I plan to change soon. Plain Verdana text isn’t very inspiring.

  3. Looking good, Cappsy. Suggestions? None apart from that I think “White” in the title should be, er, white. I’m guessing you already tried this and didn’t like the results though. Ah well.

  4. Excellent redesign, anyway.

    I need to get my web design blog back up and running so I can write about it…

  5. Damn right you do! How come you pulled the plug of Ofla, anyway?

  6. Quality nice ;-)

  7. We loves the RSS/Atom feeds!

  8. Bare essentials, isnt this what the site had before?

  9. “Bare essentials, isnt this what the site had before?”

    Not exactly. All my old articles aren’t up and neither are the Red Dwarf and Me interviews.

    Bear with me, chaps :) It’ll be back on track before you know it!

  10. Very nice. I suppose with all this relaunching business about, I should start planning my own. Oh, if only I knew anything about web design.

  11. Good to see the site back cappsy. Make sure you get it up and on full pelt in no time.

  12. “Anything new should we expect?”

    You’re a cheely young ‘un, you.

    Yes, I do have one quite nice feaure int he pipeline but this is relying on other people getting be information.

    Obviously the Series V review will be online in a few weeks, too.

  13. “Obviously the Series V review will be online in a few weeks, too.”


  14. Well, I think he’s a CUNT.

    Erm, ofla disappeared because it wasn’t much use in its current form. It will relaunch in a bit with some proper stuff. Honest! Possibly. See my NEW LOGO on it, though.

    (I should have kept some form of web design weblog going, though. I partly stopped because I didn’t think I was saying anything new or interesting or even particuarly well-informed – but then I realised that doesn’t stop anyone else.)

  15. Great to see the return of this site.

  16. “Well, I think he?s a CUNT.”

    He loves me.

    “Erm, ofla disappeared because it wasn?t much use in its current form. It will relaunch in a bit with some proper stuff. Honest! Possibly. See my NEW LOGO on it, though.”

    More Ofla, please. I may have been one of the only regulars but I do like reading web sites stuff from someone with more knowledge than me.

  17. I love you all, I love you more than life itself, you’re all fucking mad!

  18. Yur site is stupid and your reviews are rubbish. What is this second-hand site supposed to support anyway, your awkard point of veiw on the things no one cares about? and you wonder why no one comes here.

  19. Hmmm. A good reason to have registered comments if I ever did see one.

    YOu can air your views on here if you want but don’t use my name to do so, you worthless shit.

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