We are currently in a quiet Red Dwarf period, which has only recently spiced up with the released of Just the Shows vol 1. I will have a review of said box set up soon, mainly for completeism for this site as you’ll have all read Gaymede’s by now. But this, ladies and gentlemen, is certainly the quiet before a very big DVD storm.

In little under 4 weeks we’ll all be stroking and caressing our lovely new copies of Red Dwarf Series V on DVD and I will be on the scene, reviewing both editions. I really can’t wait to get stuck into another good review and I’m confident this will be the best DVD the world has ever seen.

Aside from DVD reviews I am also on the hunt for information on top obscure radio show ‘Wrinkles’. As far as I know it was the first radio show Rob and Doug fully co-wrote together and I WANT TO HEAR IT. Once I have collected as many scraps as possible I will be presenting a nice little feature on it. So far only Rob Grant has furnished me with any information and I’m still waiting for other potential sources to get back to me.

And so ends my non-update.

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