Good old Andrew Ellard posted the following on the Official Webboard recently:

“Okay gang, in the next month or two we’ll be kicking off work on Series VII and VIII on DVD.

So – this is your last chance to feed back on the DVDs so far. Obviously, we’ll be watching to see how Series V and VI go down, so do post again once those have come out – but in the meantime, what’s on the wish list for the last two series?

How about the option to watch ‘Extended’ episodes or originals’? Or Mac McDonald included in his episode commentaries? Wireframe versions of the CGI effects? Maybe that extract from ‘How Did They do That?’? Let us know!”

So, at the risk of a GREAT BIG ARGUMENT, anyone have any suggestions? For what it’s worth, I couldn’t give a buggery if the Xtendeds weren’t on there, if all the extra stuff was in the deleted scenes. (And yes, yes, and yes to the other ideas.) Either way, for me it’ll be the extras that will make VII/VIII actually worth buying.

Well, that and the scene in Back In The Red with “its own special glove”.

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