All those of us young whippersnappers who watched Red Dwarf from a very early age – have you found that certain episodes improve as you get older?

Take Waiting For God, for instance. I used to think that episode was a bit dull; saved only by the line “well, it’s a laugh, innit?” But as I got older and wiser, I began to appreciate the satirical elements much more – religion being used as an excuse to be crappy to one another, Rimmer dismissing the concept of God, but finding the need to devote to some other higher power, etc.

Same with the anti-war elements of Meltdown, although I always loved that episode. But when I grew up to be a big lefty jessie, it had deeper meaning. On a more base level, the boxers scene from Polymorph was much better when I figured out that it looks like Kryten’s doing a sex and his vac hose is like a willy!

Interestingly, the opposite is true of Series VIII.

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